Cultural activities in the city of Sion

Castel Valère and Tourbillon

The topography of Sion is peculiar: situated in the middle of the Rhone valley, the town is dotted with hills. Since time immemorial, they have been occupied by men who have used them as observation points and defensive sites.

The most remarkable fortifications in Sédun are on the twin hills of Valère and Tourbillon. On the summit of the latter, the highest, a castle was built around 1300 by the bishop of Sion as his residence.

Its foothills are occupied by the towers of the Majorie and the Vidomnat. The other hill is home to the fortified town surrounding the Basilica of Valère.

Opposite them, at the other end of the town, stands the hill of Montorge. The ruins of the castle, burnt down in 1417 and never rebuilt since, can also be seen there.

Information and contact :
Office du Tourisme de Sion
Place de la Planta 2
1950 Sion – Switzerland
+41 (0)27 327 77 27

Market in the old town of Sion
” Relaunched by the Association des habitants de la Vieille Ville de Sion, the town is reviving its market and its old traditions.
Since March 2003, rain or shine, the market has been held every Friday from 8 am to 2 pm.
The merchants present local products and crafts.
This market is an invitation to share conviviality; the meeting takes place on: the Grand-Pont, the Rue de Lausanne, the Espace des Remparts, the Rue du Rhône. “


The old town of Sion houses the three cantonal museums of the Valais. The natural site of Montorge houses the Maison de la Nature.

The cantonal museums consist of three spaces with permanent collections and an exhibition centre. All are located in historic buildings. The sites are spread around the hills of Valère and Tourbillon, in a limited area accessible on foot, in the heart of the old town of Sion.

The Maison de la nature is located on the edge of a lake, in the heart of the protected site of Montorge. It consists of an exhibition, reception and meeting place focused on nature. Admission is free.

Information and contact :
Art MuseumHistory MuseumNatur Museum
Place de la MajorieChâteau de ValèreRue des Châteaux 12
+41 27 606 46 90+41 27 606 47 15+41 27 606 47 30


The Cinémas de Sion have four screening rooms and offer the latest news from the big screen.

Information and contact :
Rue des Cèdres 10, 1950 Sion
+41(0)27 322 32 42 ;

Fellini Foundation

The Fellini Foundation occupies the Devil’s House and offers exhibitions related to the work of Federico Fellini or, more broadly, to movements in the cinema. It also hosts international exhibitions. A series of conferences, screenings and events are held in the gardens of the cultural centre and in the cinema room in the basement of the House.

Information and contact :
Rue des Creusets 31, 1950 Sion
+41 (0)27 565 29 89 ;

Valère Theatre

The Théâtre de Valère is the main theatre of the town of Sion. It is an 18th century Italian-style theatre with a capacity of 380 seats and is mainly used for shows.

Information and contact :
Rue du Vieux-Collège 22, 1950 Sion
+41(0)27 323 45 61,

Wine tourism

Tasting: 5 wines of Sion & 1 Valaisan plate

Discovery: 3 historical sites located in the old town (Place de la Planta, Tour des Sorciers, Roman baths)

When: all year round, by reservation, Monday to Saturday

Departure: 10am, 3.15pm or 5pm; Duration: 2 hours

From 2 persons; Price: CHF 59.00 per person

Information and contact :
Office du Tourisme de Sion ; +41 (0)27 327 77 27

Sports activities in the city of Sion

Real Fly

RealFly is the first indoor free-fall simulator in Switzerland, located in Sion. Without any sensation of vertigo and in complete safety, a fun and friendly activity, accessible to all from 5 years old.

Information and contact :
Rue de la Drague 58, 1950 Sion
+41 27 322 92 92 ;

Alaia Bay

Nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Alaïa Bay is continental Europe’s premier surf pool. Probably the most spectacular surf spot for any level of surfing.

Information andcontact :
+41 27 322 71 71 ;

Golf de Sion

Located only a few minutes from the town of Sion in the beautiful central Valais region, the Sion Golf Club offers an 18-hole course surrounded by an exceptional panorama of the castles of Valère and Tourbillon, terraced vineyards and of course the magnificent Valais Alps. The care given to the reception of the visitors and the care of the ground built its beautiful reputation.

Thanks to 300 days of sunshine a year, the Sion Golf Club is one of the only courses in Switzerland open all year round. Our Club is equipped with a large free car park, a vast driving range with quality Titleist NXT Tour balls, a putting green and an approach area. All these facilities are grouped around the club house, which also has a renowned restaurant open to the general public, the Bistro du Golf, which offers fine cuisine in a bucolic setting.

Information and contact :
Route de Vissigen 150, 1950 Sion
+41 27 203 79 00 ;

Swimmingpool in Sion

Ancien Stand (Indoor)Rue St-Guérin 31, 1950 Sion
+41 27 329 63 00
Blancherie (outdoor)Rue de la bourgeoisie 20, 1950 Sion
+41 27 322 90 33
Sitterie (outdoor)Passage des Marianniste, 1950 Sion
+41 27 323 56 51


Office du Tourisme
Place de la Planta
1950 Sion ; +41 79 127 50 22

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